“We were buried therefore with Him by the baptism into death, so that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glorious power of the Father, so we too might habitually live and behave in newness of life”  
Romans 6:3-4

Life is filled with big decisions. Some are so exciting we can’t wait to celebrate them. Some are so challenging that we know we’ll need help to follow through. Water Baptism is about both celebrating with others, and inviting them to be a part of your journey.
Every time a person chooses to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ and follow Him for life, God and all in Heaven celebrate. In fact, if you have chosen to follow Jesus, heaven has already celebrated over your choice. Now it’s the church at CJCLife’s turn – and part of the way we celebrate is with water baptism.

what is baptism?

Water Baptism is a symbolic demonstration that a change has taken place in your heart and life. While baptism itself doesn’t transform or “save” you, it says you have given your life to Jesus and it isn’t yours anymore (Eph. 2:8-9). Water Baptism also publicly invites others to celebrate with you and help you stay the course of the new life you’ve chosen.

why baptism?

We baptize people for several reasons: first and foremost, we do it because Jesus modeled it Himself and taught that it should be done (Mark 1:9). For those being baptized, this important step personally identifies them with the death and resurrection of Jesus (Col. 2:12), marks their decision to follow Him (Acts 18:8), and connects them with a community of people who share the same commitment. For our church, it powerfully reminds us of the cause for celebration when someone gives his or her life to Christ, and the role we are called to play in helping that person grow.

what does it look like?

In front of a crowd of people, Jesus was submerged into a river by his cousin, John (Matt 3:16). Later, the first Christians were baptized as soon as they decided to dedicate their lives to following Him (Acts 18:8). They were immersed in water, symbolizing the end of their old lives, and emerged to begin their new lives as followers of Christ. The church at CJC follows the same example.

when should I be baptized?

As soon as you have decided to follow Christ, you shouldn’t delay (Acts 2:41).
The Bible says that all professing Christians should be baptized (Matthew 28:18-20). Whether you've been following Jesus for a long time and never got baptized or are a new Christian, we would be honored to baptize you!